Your Music

No need to worry where your favorite songs or playlists are again. No need for external drives, multiple accounts or passwords. Just you and your music, everywhere, all the time.

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Cloud Convenience

With Cloud Storage, you will never run out of space, period. The ease and low cost of cloud based media storage will make sure of this. No drives, no slowed down devices, not ever.

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With our encrypted storage technology you never have to worry about your personal media getting in the wrong hands. Loose your device? No problem. Wipe it out from afar and never worry.

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A next generation sync licensing network that empowers premium content owners and top-tier music supervisors.

Licensees pay to use MusicSynk's safe and confidential exchange to expedite the expensive + time-consuming process of music discovery and delivery of deal offer.
Rights Holders are invited to participate in the MusicSynk marketplace on a non-exclusive basis and the MusicSynk network introduces the Rights Holder's catalog to its global users.
The Rights Holders maintain 100% control – to accept, negotiate, decline.
MusicSynk organizes the random high volume, high velocity, value transactions of synchronization licensing. MusicSynk's network includes film & television supervisors, digital content producers, advertising agencies and global corporate entities.
Developed by experts with years of licensing experience. MusicSynk addresses the inefficiencies, costs and complexities of securing synchronization licensing rights for the use of music in television, advertising, gaming, online, trailers and film.